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by We Never

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released June 12, 2017

songs by carter burton
performed by carter burton, ben harsel, and ethan gensurowsky
recorded and mixed by ethan gensurowsky
mastered by dave watkins



all rights reserved


We Never Richmond, Virginia

wenever is the recording project of carter burton. live band includes ethan gensurowsky and ben harsel as well as others in the past

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Track Name: Bed As An Island
because i can't
because i won't
i'm not a man
who thinks he knows

what is goin on im uninformed
our positions far beyond whats natural

because i don't care
im in my head
on an island
in my bed
Track Name: A+
i once played a game with my brother
where we wrote down A+ with a permanent marker
on anything in the basement
and when we'd find it again
it would become a bomb
and we'd have to run away

finding you was like finding someone
in the closet you wanted to hide in
in a game as a child

i wondered if she'd be at the show
and i see her there but act like i dont
everything is funny but its not
everything is so strange when its not
Track Name: Magic River
are your arms wings of eagles?
are your arms shovels for snow?
are you hanging by string?
are you standing on stone?

How are you now? i hope that you are having fun
enjoying being healthy and being young
how are you now?

are your thoughts a magic river?
are your thoughts a disease?
are your eyes fixed on the sky?
are your eyes at your feet?
Track Name: Doubt
I probly wont when the time comes
to say the things that i should say
i probly wont when the day comes
to be the man that i should be

i want to lay my doubt into the river
i cant convince myself that my excuses are true
i want to lay my faults into the river
i cant convince myself that my problems are real
Track Name: Run
i say that i am just having fun
or do i just hold my breathe and run?
is it the saddest mistake that i have ever made
to say that i dont care?

because i love it all maybe i just forget
ya we want it all maybe we just dont want to pay
Track Name: Six Dots
i have passwords and keys to put into machines
i know that im caught in a dream
i just hope its the right one
i lay on my back and place my hat over my face
six dots of light shine through